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As a Fathom traveler, you’re part of an ongoing wave of collective impact. Working alongside locals week after week in the local communities we visit, travelers build off the efforts of those who came before them, and continue to build the infrastructure for lasting change. Alone, you may not be able to change a community in…

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Justin Walter is a travel writer based in L.A. He was on Fathom’s inaugural journey to the Dominican Republic. Read more about his Fathom adventures and the original version of this post here. The below has been edited from its original version.  A year ago I launched my travel blog as an outlet to share my travel experiences around…

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The world was abuzz earlier this week as Fathom became the first cruise line to transport Americans from Miami to Cuba in more than 50 years. It was a memorable, historic and emotional moment for the almost 700 passengers aboard the Adonia as well as the hundreds on land that welcomed travelers to their homeland. Here…

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